[SOLVED] npm install in Vagrant is slow or outputs ETIMEDOUT

This one I had been dealing with, in random instances, for so long. I honestly felt like feeding puppies to alligators because of it.

Symptom: You're either behind a firewall or using node within a Vagrant guest (or worse, both), and you merrily type npm install, hit enter, and it either takes FOREVER to complete the task, or it simply dies with a pragmatically ambiguous ETIMEDOUT error.

SOLUTION: simply run npm set registry https://registry.npmjs.org/ and BOOM, as if nothing ever stood between you and your precious npm packages.

It should be noted that I've seen devs theorize online that it is the difference between https or http for registry.npmjs.org that's the cause. Have seen no difference either way. It's the running of npm set registry with a valid mirror that truly solves the error.

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