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Hi, I'm Jean. I started programming 15 years ago (back when 56kbps was all the rage). I'm extremely enthusiastic about turning data into bits, and bits into dynamically eye-melting graphics.

In the past 8 years I've had multiple opportunities to lead multidisciplinary development teams to successfully deliver production-ready products built using a wide variety of technologies.

I'm passionate about:

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  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB
  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • MeteorJS
  • HBase

"How passionate?" You ask. I continually and profusely profess my professional fondness of these technologies through the age-old art of Conference Speaking. So, be sure to drop me a line if you're looking for someone to spruce-up your conference or meetup with blatantly geeky data-jargon.

In recap, I program and I do it phenomenally well, I talk publicly about it too, and I have a website.

Have yourself a wonderful day!


PDF Download Resumé

An article written about my work...

A Trick to Reduce Processing Time on AWS Lambda from 5 Minutes to 300 Milliseconds
The New Stack
At the beginning of 2016, Jean Lescure, Senior Software Engineer and Architect at Gorilla Logic, watched a 3GB file containing five million rows of data churn through Amazon Web Services’ Lambda serverless computing service...

Some articles I've written recently...

It’s best to learn Computer Science, not just how to Program
Hobbyists looking to light up some LEDs, code wizards at tech startups, even Minecrafters wanting to create “a cool game mod” have come up to me asking what programming language they should learn next...
Applying Effects to WebRTC Video in Real Time
WebRTC Ventures Blog
How to use WebGL to add real-time video effects to your WebRTC video chat including demo using ThreeJS to add GPU accelerated effects to live video, and PubNub to manage communications...

Samples of my work

Throughout the years I've been involved in some pretty nifty projects. Don't worry, I won't drown you in links, here are three of my proudest contributions to the WWW:

Developed back-end and front-end
Attlas is a subscription-based crowdfunding platform for creatives who are passionate about social & environmental change.
Kune UI
Development in-progress of a UI Framework for React.js
As opposed to most other large-scale UI frameworks such as Material UI or React-Bootstrap, Kune UI was conceived and developed as a React-first UI framework...
Hipster SQL to HBase
Developed Ruby Gem
The HipsterSqlToHbase gem provides the ability to produce Thrift compatible queries for HBase, out of SQL valid statements, and execute them...
About Bank of America
Developed front-end
Was an integral part of a team in charge of building an award-winning (Webby) website for Bank of America....


PDF Download Resumé

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